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T&B Roofing

Roofing Contractors

314 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex


Telephone: 07780 069783



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About us
At TB Roofing, we have a cost effective programme that not only transforms the look of your existing roof, but protects it from the growth of mosses and the elements of weather attack. We are currently transforming and protecting these roofs against the growth and further attack off mosses and lichen. As roof tiles weather and age they loose the weatherproof protection and become porous.

Over a period of time the effects of rain, wind, snow, frost and all other weather elements begin to damage the tiles and structual cement work that holds the roof together.

As the roof tiles become porous the spores of mosses and lichen are absorbed by the tiles along with the moisture allowing the mosses and lichen a safe haven for prolific growth.

This growth not only looks unsightly, but causes other problems including the acceleration of roof decay. Generally this goes unnoticed and the only problem you think of is blocked guttering, down pipes and of course picking up the debris as it falls to the ground. It is only when the problems of missing or broken tiles, along with the defective pointing is noticed that you think of repairs. Generally the decay has gone further than you think and the extensive repairs will follow at their ever increasing costs.

We specialise in normal concrete tiles, clay tiles and hand made clay tiles. Discounts of 20% are available when enquiring via our website. For a FREE roof check and NO Obligation Quotation please call us on 07876 105319.

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