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Budget Survey -

If you're a local resident or business, there are just THREE days left to take part in the RDC Budget Survey, which closes on Sunday 13 January. Please click here to give your views, and encourage friends/relatives to take part.

The Scale of the Challenge
Between 2010 and 2018 Rochford District Council has delivered a range of efficiencies totalling circa £4.4m whilst continuing to deliver the key services that you have told us that you value. An additional £0.85m of savings are planned to be achieved in the 2018/19 financial year.

Central government grants used to make up 41% of the funding for Rochford; however these will be zero by 2020. In addition the Council continues to face inflationary pressures and increasing demand for public services, which creates an expected difference between the level of funding available and the amount of money the Council needs to spend (called the budget gap), of around £1.4m by 2023/24.

Click here to give your views:

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