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Helen Watson

Copywriter / Proofreader

11 High Street, Rayleigh, Essex 

Telephone: 07854 346421



Opening hours

You are welcome to get in touch by email at any time!

Weekend Opening hours

You are also welcome to get in touch by email at any time!

As a copywriter it is my responsibility to ensure that the content I write for my clients fulfils their brief and, put simply, gets them the results that they want.


This could be to direct a customer to make a specific decision, choose a certain action, or simply to educate, inform or entertain.


Copywriting is used to: increase brand awareness, create content for websites, tweak and update current marketing materials and website copy, write blogs, produce articles for trade or general publications, proofread documents and write scripts for videos plus any other word-based project that a business may require.


A proactive business, that regularly updates online content by sharing blog posts on social media platforms, will ensure that they keep their existing clients engaged with the benefit of finding new ones at the same time. 

Content is the future.....

To maintain their Google rankings, or improve them, it is imperative that businesses adopt this approach as part of their wider marketing campaigns. By hiring a copywriter, your content will be sorted and your workload reduced leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best which is, of course, running your business.


I am happy to work freelance, or with your in-house design team.

Please get in touch for an initial enquiry and see if we can work together soon.

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