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Transforming Local Communities 

3 Leecon Way, Rochford SS4 1RG

Telephone: 01702 592811 


Mobile: 07771 578331

Website: www.taylormadeconsultants.co.uk

Email: shelley.taylor2@yahoo.com

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Welcome to Taylormade, our primary focus is harnessing the strength of localism to revitalise our towns and high streets.

Working with local businesses, individuals, community groups and local authorities, our goal is to connect ideas, facilitate development of initiatives and drive projects which bring vitality and viability back into our town and village centres.  

With a vision of enabling local centres to become vibrant hubs of the community where people gather to interact, transact and socialise, Taylormade brings the Programme Management, Change Management and Community Engagement skills necessary to make this happen.

If you have ideas or initiatives you would like to share, or need help to formulate or drive and idea to fruition, please get in touch.

If you simply believe in a vision of breathing vitality back into our towns and want to be part of making it happen, please get in touch.

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